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For information about any JeTi past or future projects, actors and upcoming events, or if you are interested in acting in a future JeTi Films project, please send your headshots to:

aghollins@aol.com or jchollins2@aol.com

or mail to:
JeTi Films
1204 Lincoln Avenue
Marrero, LA 70072
For the best in Independent Film Making
Welcome to Jeti Films

Your source for TRULY INDEPENDENT films...
JeTi Films Producers, El Timo, King Jeff and Gorio.

by film makers unafraid of diverting from the standard filmmaking formula... Award winning filmmakers, THE HOLLINS BROTHERS, doing it THEIR OWN WAY... From their hot, highly successful 'cult' classic action/thriller 'BANG' which has currently sold thousands of units and was deemed too violent (the body count is 10) by various film festivals, television stations and theaters... To their
hot, totally original 'The Murder Men'... This ingenious mystery/thriller is one of the hippest, most interesting
and clever WHO-DONE-ITs ever contrived... And their character driven urban mafia epic 'GRIP: A CRIMINAL'S STORY', which boasts some of the coolest bad guys
ever put on celluloid. So all you individuals, retailers
and distributors out there-You may now enter the exciting
world of JeTi Films, the master filmmakers, and learn more
about the company that's steadily becoming
THE HOTTEST independent film company around...
And see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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